Any amount helps us achieve our goals


Fighting Chance Film Education is in association with Om Toro, a non-profit organization. We are currently looking for fiscal sponsors to assist in supporting the children facing economic hardship and building out our student run film studio. Although we like to set our bar high, 3 million would be nice and for some of you out there it's a doable option and certainly a lovely deduction that would change the worlds of everyone in this organization in the best of ways.

Your donations will make a difference in these students lives. You will help make it possible for the students to learn skills in acting, writing, directing, in addition, this program will build their leadership skills and confidence. 

If you are interested in making a tax deductible financial contribution, you can make a donation at the link below or simply mail a check to Om Toro, 375 Redondo ave. Long Beach CA 90814. To make a wire transfer email us at for wiring instructions (in the subject line please put: requesting wire instructions).


We are always in need of filmmaking equipment (quality lights, cameras, and grip equipment) and funds to keep the productions going and the under privileged in class. The more we have the higher the production quality for the kids projects.

To put a kid through the writing, acting and directing program cost $900 for an 18 week program. The average cost of their fully produced short films is $15,000 and for the feature $500,000.



To sponsor an entire class $7500, that's 25 kids learning this craft for 6 weeks, what an awesome gesture. The entire program runs 18 weeks and if they want to continue with their education and make another film they start another cycle and master their craft. Once through the 18 weeks specific ongoing classes are offered as well in writing , acting  and directing should a student want to focus on one or the other.

How your contributions will assist the program:

  • $300 sponsors 1 student in a 6 week class.
  • $900 sponsors 1 student in the entire 18 weeks program
  • $7,500 sponsors 25 students for first trimester (6 weeks)
  • $22,500 sponsors 25 students through all three trimesters.
  • $15,000 makes you an Executive Producer on fighting Chance Kids Short Film.
  • $500,000 makes you an Executive Producer on a feature length Fighting Chance Production.
  • Tax credits available for any donated film equipment.
  • $10,000 builds out the student run film studio (equipment and support materials)
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